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Walk Out Songs: The Best so Far

We've liked where you all have gone with these so far. They've been fun and they've been clever. Juco and I were just now GChatting about some and we thought we'd put some of our favorites thus far on the frontpage to, you know, make you feel all good about yourselves 'n' shit.

ProphetMB's is definitely the most perfect song for any member of the Rebel faithful. Our hearts are built up season after season in seemingly every sport, only to have them broken by the could, soulless bastard that is Ole Miss sports. The song though, despite revolving around a lover's plea to not have his heart broken, doesn't envoke images of sadness or desperation, but happiness, excitement, and even elation. For some reason, despite being toyed with year after year, we continue to happily return to our sports love.

And, on the other end, any and all Rebel teams could walk out to this, submitted by ProphetMB once again:

The next is, by a mile, the greatest player specific walk-out song received thus far. It's a laugh riot that could easily end up in having one of our bloggeur asses stomped into a figurative (or literal I guess) mudhole. Once again, ProphetMB (an all-star at this and, no, this wasn't deliberate to just give him a bunch of props, I swear it worked out this way organically).

Jerrell, we love you.

Also great have been the walk outs for xxgr3gxxz; Randall Mackey and Tig; and Mike Bianco (although that one could have easily been for the entire baseball team).