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Rebel Roundup - 4/15/10 - PAY YOUR TAXES OR ELSE

Pay your taxes so our government can, umm, spend a lot of money on shit we likely don't need or want. If you don't pony up, the IRS will catch you and get so pissed. Unless, of course, you actually don't earn income. Then you're off the hook here. Oh, and you're welcome for the reminder.

2010 SBN Mock Draft, Pick 61 | Mocking the Draft
With the 61st pick in the 2010 SBNation mock draft, the New York Jets select...

John Jerry NFL Draft Scouting Report | Mocking the Draft
SBN's NFL draft centric blog, Mocking the Draft (a site you should probably start looking into this time of year), has a pretty good John Jerry profile up. They even say

His combination of size, power, and athleticism gives him the upside of possibly being the top guard from this draft class.

If so, that's great for the Jerrys. Our draft profile for Baby J will be up soon-ish (maybe).

100 in 100: Jevan Snead | Niners Nation
As with the A Fan's Notes' fanpost, NFL teams are looking at Jevan Snead and, frankly, not liking what they see. As with the Giants, but much less so, I'm not sure why the Niners would be interested in Snead to begin with.

The Quotable Kentrell Lockett | Brandt
Kentrell Lockett has, for the past two or three seasons, been without any doubt the most hilarious guy on our football team. Read up. He's a wiseass.