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Rebel Roundup - 4/14/10 - We've Already Checked Out

I'm probably not doing any today. I'm staring at my calendar here, just to the right of my monitor, and the 16th is highlighted in bright green. All I care about is getting to Oxford now, regardless of whatever else I should be focused on.

Ole Miss Falls to Memphis | Clarion Ledger
That sucked. BWE's here to remind you why that sucked, below.  

Tackling the SEC Transfer "Issue" |
While it may be a bit annoying for schools like Florida whose players actually transfer to other good-ish basketball schools and play well, our transfer "issue" has seen us lose such basketball Wunderkinder as Trey Hampton and Lonnie Jackson to the respective powerhouses of Georgia State and Southern Arkansas, among many other otherwise forgettables. Also on that list is Terrance Watson who, as I couldn't readily recall, transferred to Ball State after some of his bitches slashed each other's faces with box cutters over the rights to his dong. Surely y'all remember that.

Regrets: The Worst Coaching Hires of the Decade | Doc Saturday
I'll give you one guess as to who's on there... Go on, guess...  Oh, yeah, that's it. His ass is on there. When looking at the picture of the dejected, caffienated leather satchel stuffed with jambalaya that is Ed Orgreron post 2007 Egg Bowl, a varied hodge podge of emotions should wash over your Rebel mind: frustration, anger, relief, joy, and--undoubtedly--regret.

Ole Miss Won't Charge Fans for Grove Tailgating |
Hold the fucking phone! You mean that, the "Kernel Reb is MY MASCOT!!1" Facebook groups, and the throngs of dipshits choking the intelligence out of an otherwise reasonable student body were FULL OF SHIT on this issue?! Sorry folks, but Dan Jones isn't the whore of Babylon y'all want to believe he is. We'll all still have our Grove spots free of charge come this fall. (Yes, I realize they were thinking about it for a spell. Chill.)