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Rebel Roundup - 4/13/2010

Stansbury and Kennedy Stay Put | The Commercial Appeal
Mississippi State Buttfrogs head basketball coach Rick Stansbury flirted hard with Climpson yesterday. This is only noteworthy because it's funny. Also, we're a bit bummed he's sticking around; he's a good coach and recruiter, despite what your neighborhood friendly State fan may have you believe ("BUT WE HAD VURNURDAW WE SHULDA BEEN SEC CHAYMPS") and his departure would have provided some material for much needed snark 'round here. Our Old Piss Warblers (this is getting stupid) basketball head coach was also in negotiations yesterday, but of the variety which end in a contract extension. Kennedy was given a four year contract which, per Mississippi('s typically nonsensical) state law, is the longest a state employee can receive. The sweatervest crowd is, naturally, displeased.

Snyder Out Again After Beaning | The Clarion Ledger
Can this guy stay healthy for, I dunno, a week? That'd be super. Other baseball notes are within and I'm sure we'll have something from BWE or One Man this afternoon.

Recruiting Spotlight, Bobby Wahl | Washington Post
A pitcher from near the Cup's de facto headquarters (our constitutional headquarters are, naturally, located somewhere near the Grove Stage) who has committed to play for Mike Bianco talks about why he chose Ole Miss in the video after that link. Watch it.