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Rebel Roundup - 4/1/10 - ApRiL fOoLS!

NIT, bitches!

We Quit Blogging, Goodbye

Why the NIT Rules?
Check the video courtesy of Role Player. Yes, that's Troy's Trojan Man or whatever it is they call him breakin' it the fuck down for everybody at the Tad Pad in the NIT opening round. WHERE IS THAT ACTION, CBS?!

Holy shit, that actually happened last night! We actually recorded a show. Thanks for those of you who joined us for our first go at this in over a month. We talked basketball, baseball, and a smidge of spring football despite starting the show about fifteen minutes tardy due to TalkShoe being a real asshole. Wanna listen? Clicky the play button below.

Wait, what?! No, Doug. C'mon, don't do this. PEOPLE NEED YOU
Hey Jenny Slater is closing. For those of you who like well-written, SEC-centric snark, the ruminations of Doug Giwhatever have probably popped into your Google Reader at some point. He's a proud UGA alum who, as a recent hire-ee of the Universtiy of Florida Athletic Department (how?), feels a duty to cease his SEC football blogging. I understand, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Ciao for now, Doug. (Also, I theorize this is a big April Fool's joke. It's how I get by.)

Rebel Paintballers win the SEC Title | Desoto Times
I didn't know there was such a thing until a few minuts ago but I don't care because WE BEAT YOUR ASSES. S-E-C! S-E-C! S-E-C!

Ole Miss' Randolph named Golfer of the Week | Clarion Ledger
Is it bad that the first thing that stuck out to me was "he's from Brandon? Like, Rankin County?!" /madisonelitist'd

Seriously though, congratulations to Johnathan Randolph. According to the CL

He’s the first UM golfer to win three tournaments in a season since All-American Dave Peege in 1984.