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The Red Cup Rebellion Full of Win Awards: Best Snark


Snark. It's what we do. Old people don't like it. Roll that beautiful bean footage.

Rejected Mascot Selection Committee Applications

When the university announced that a student committee would be formed to develop, sift through suggestion for , or wholesale adopt the administration's selection of a mascot (honestly, we couldn't care less), we knew this was too good of an opportunity. In about an hour, we pooped out this little gem, and it was gold, Jerry, gold!

Post Game: Tennessee, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Nutt

Though, perhaps, not properly snark, who ever thought that Whiskey could be both funny and optimistic?

RCR Theatre Presents: Bama Youtube Celebs

It's a testament to the lunacy of our readers and subject matter that with all the crazies that have dominated the Cup since football season began (John the meteorology conspiracy nut, a whole host of Civil War enthusiasts, our head coach, etc.), we almost forgot about J.T. Bowtie. If your constitution is strong enough, go back and read this piece, which is, by Ghost's admission, the raunchiest piece of trash we have every had the audacity to post.

The Five Worst Moments from 2009, or "We are ... Ole Miss, vol. CXLII"

Now, this is Grade-A Whiskey snark.

Filming of the Blind Side: THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED

This year I spent Independence Day in our nation's capital with Ghost, the_drake, Hoyt Brumley, and Unidentified Black Male. After a few drinks, Ghost and I tapped this thing out, and I wrote one of my favorite lines I've every written for the Cup. This snark satirizes what likely happened when a bunch of SEC coaches got together wearing the regalia of the schools they used to work for.

These are some of our favorites. If you've got others, just name them in the comments.