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Rebel Roundup - 3/9/10

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Chris Warren Named SEC Player Of The Week |
Basketball's Lil Bastid (did we ever determine that?), Chris Warren, had two big games to end the Rebels regular season on a victorious note. Of the two wins, the Arkansas season-finale was certainly his best as he dropped 31 on the Hogs in Fayetteville; 31 points which included the lead-sealing three with under a minute left to play.

Rebel Netters Among Nation's Attendance Leaders |
You have Ivory Tower and 25 Days a Week to thank for this feat. The Chad Pad ranks 2nd nationally in average attendance per match with number one being UVA by a fairly significant margin.

ESPN’s Jimmy Dykes talks about Ole Miss | Just Brants, Gonna be Okay, Dada Doodoo
Brandt recently pestered some ESPN writer about the Rebels' standing on the NCAA Tournament bubble and basically gleaned Jimmy Dykes' professional opinion to be that we're in good shape, but not great shape.

If you’re Ole Miss, you need Tennessee to beat LSU. Because at this point, you don’t need another win over LSU. You need a high-quality win over an NCAA-quality opponent and Tennessee provides that.

Nation's sole marijuana farm focuses on limiting abuse |
CULTURE OVER AGRICULTURE, BITCHES! No, it's not at all sports related, but it is bizarrely Ole Miss related. Read it.