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Rebel Roundup - 3/8/10 (It's really March, y'all)

Ole Miss beats Arkansas, grabs share of SEC West crown | The Clarion-Ledger
HA of course TSUN says their the champs of the SEC WEST when really the Dawgz BEET THEM TWO TIMES ha and the same record?! TSUN! Who let the dogs out! Marron! and White! /ClarionLedger'd

We Ain't In Yet
If you ask CBS, we're an 11-seed. If you ask Joe Lunardi, we've got work to do (ED: Old link, yes, but he also said this on the tee bee yesterday). This is just what being on the bubble is; a bunch of jittery uncertainty. If only we'd have come out on top in one of our close losses we wouldn't be putting up with this frustration which is pretty daggumed Ole Miss-ian if you ask me.

Tulane knocks off Ole Miss | The Clarion-Ledger
The Green Wave rattled of twenty hits Sunday to defeat Trent Rothlin (2-1) and the 18th-ranked Rebels. The weekend series was still won by the Rebels who took both the Friday and Saturday games. More to come on this from OMtB or BWE.

Around the Bases Is Seeing Mixed Results | Team Speed Kills
With the weekly roundup of SEC baseball for the latest weekend comes Team Speed Kills. If you're not at least giving this a look-see every Monday, well, why not? It's a great rundown of what went on for each SEC baseball squad.

Oscars backstage: Bigelow and Bullock and Bridges, oh my! |
Sandra Bullock won the Best Actress award at the Oscars last night for her role as Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side. This is good for 'crootin, right?

We would never break our self-imposed moratorium on mascot discussions to bring you a kitschy rap song written by some dude. Never. Even if that song were advocating Admiral Ackbar for Ole Miss mascot and incredibly corny. It's because we're principled people here, alright?