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Rebels Defeat Arkansas, Claim Two Seed in SEC West

Once One Man gets back from his New Orleans daytrip, a full recap will come. For now, know that we've claimed 2nd place in the West (they'll hang a co-champs banner though, don't worry folks) and have earned a bye in the upcoming SEC Men's Basketball Tournament. The player of the game is unequivocally Chris Warren who notched an impressive 31 points which was capped with a lead-changing three point shot with about 50-something seconds left.

Helluva game. Recap and SEC Tournament talk to follow. Enjoy your Saturday nights, Rebels. Hotty Toddy!

P.S. - The Rebels have taken two from Tulane and defeated the 'Dores in tennis. Helluva weekend to be a Rebel sports fan, if I do say so myself.