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Rebel Roundup - 3/5/10 - Still Atop The Bubble

Ole Miss Pulls Away from LSU | The Commercial Appeal
More like PULLS OUT OF LSU! Am I right?! A big first half from Chris Warren and a good second half from Terrico White allowed the Rebels to easily defeat an LSU Tigers team which may have nipped at the heels of our men's basketball team, but never really had a chance. Nothing else to see here.

P.S. - Our Fans are Terrible
I don't know what it's going to take to make the Tad Pad a fun, exciting place again, but it needs to happen soon. A crucial game against a rival opponent fell on the last home game of the season, and we Rebels couldn't even get a 10,000 seat arena halfway full. Pathetic.

Ole Miss Squeaks into Second Round | The Clarion Ledger
With just over sixteen seconds left to play, Shantell Black hit a three point basket to put the Rebels ahead of the South Carolina Lady Gamecocks (LADYCOCKS HA LOL IT NEVER GETS OLD). The Gamecocks failed to hit a winning shot and the game ended with a 64-63 victory for Renee Ladner's team. The Lady Rebels advance to face the Lady Volunteers which, let's not lie, will be a loss.

Rebels Hit the Road to face Tulane |
RoAd TrIp to N'awlins broseph! Gonna slurp back Hand Grenades, lose my money at Harrah's, and watch crackheads and prostitutes do wierd stuff on Bourbon Street! /sophomoreyear'd

Sorry, y'all, but I won't make it. Have a damn good time for me, will ya? This should be a pretty good series so be on the lookout for OMTB and BWE's coverage.

Men's Tennis to Begin SEC Championship Defense |
Remember last season when our Men's tennis team went 11-0 in conference? How there wasn't a single SEC team that could defeat them? How we lost in the NCAA's to UCL-motherlovin-A? Of course you do! It was fun, wasn't it? Well it begins again this weekend. Ivory and FotC 25DaW (if that confounds you, read the blog more) will keep y'all posted I'm sure.