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Rebel Roundup - 3/4/10

Moratorium on Ackbar Talk
Ivory Tower, Brian Walker's Elbow, One Man to Beat and I decided during last night's Red Cup Radio to put a lid on mascot talk in general. This doesn't mean you're not allowed to talk about Colonel Reb or Ackbar or Seggy Bear or whatever, it just means that we're not going to comment or post on it for a while. You're welcome.

Rebels Battling for Bye | The Sun Herald
Guess what? Tonight's basketball game is actually of fair significance! If the Rebels win tonight (against this LSU team, they should), and take care of business in Fayetteville, they'll have the 2nd seed in the West locked up for the SEC tournament which means an automatic first round bye. If you live on campus and even mildly care about Rebel athletics, you haven't an excuse to miss this game.

Rebels Put High Value on Buckner | Fancy Pants Brandts
From the EotC comes a look at what Buckner brings to our team and how his recovery from injury couldn't have come at a better time. Without Buckner, we only managed to win one game out of four. With him, we actually have a legitimate defensive presence under the basket.

Tyrone Nix Makes a Lot of Money | The Brandts go marching one by one
I link this because it's interesting, but also because it's astounding. Either David Brandt has actually begun to police his comments threads, or the stupids have vacated his corner of the internets (if that's a case, a few obviously took shelter here for a while). His comments have had surprisingly little poorly written debates on mascotology and have been generally TSUN-free for a few days now.

Pete Boone discusses future plans for football stadium | The Daily Mississippian
I know we've discussed this before at some point, but Boone is once again talking stadium expansion. I am all for it, so long as I can watch Nutt gesticulate wackily on the PoweTron without an interrupted view.