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The Red Cup Rebellion Full of Win Awards: Best Fanpost


One of the greatest features of SBNation blogs are the FanPosts and FanShots. The latter allow you, the reader, to share with everyone a goofy YouTube video, an important link, or a picture of Ackbar making out with a coed. The former, though, allow you to play "us" for a moment and contribute your very own RCR post. If we like it, we frontpage it, moving it from the bar on the right and placing it alongside the inane shit we write on a daily basis.

Good Fanposts are concise but not brief. They're eloquent but not wordy. They're humorous but not childish. They're topical but irrelevant. Sound tough? It was to select the winner(s) but, out of the dozens of contributions y'all have made over the last year, one user and his writings stand out above the rest.

Winning the Cuppy for Best Fanpost is ssmund for two separate contributions: Dear Paul Feinbaumand SAME OLE MISS, SAME OLD MESS The first, a vulgar response to Paul Feinbaum's being a dickhead (again) at some point, was featured on EDSBS--extremely high praise for a fanpost. The second perfectly sums up the difficulties of loyal fandom, especially when said fandom is directed towards the Ole Miss Rebels. Go back and read them; you'll understand why we like them so much.

Honorable mentions were earned by Sneak a Leak for his Hecklin' posts, sutpens1000 for his writings on baseball, and ramblinrebelman for giving us fanposts which generated hundreds of comments worth of silly bullshit.

Congratulations to everyone. Keep the Fanposts coming.