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Brief Rebel Roundup - 3/31/10

Well, That Sucked
Losing in the NIT Final Four is so Ole Miss. Game and season recap coming soon. 

That Didn't Suck so Much
On the other hand, keeping the Governor's Cup is so Ole Miss--as of late, naturally. Once again, game recap to come soon but, take solace in the fact that it is 100% baseball season and we've got a few months of excitement ahead of us, until the Super Regionals of course.

Spring Practice Report | Ole Miss Sports dot com
CALLING ALL CUP FANS: We would love for someone to write suitable practice reports for us. None of us live in Oxford, save for Ivory Tower who, as a goofy law student, doesn't have the time nor prerequisite understanding of football to deliver accurate spring practice reports. Juco has attended a spring practice, but he is either too lazy to write of his observations or too forgetful to actually account what took place. So we'd love for one of y'all to do it. So what say you? If you'd like, write a Fanpost; if it's good, we'll publish it on the frontpage and give you 100% credit along with a beer or two. So go for it. Kthx