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Red Cup Rebellion Full of Win Awards: Best Commentators in Various Subject Matters


 Every day, Ole Miss fans from all accross the intrawebs make their way to this special corner of SBNation to read, comment, and critique the content here. For this we are very grateful. In order to honor the contributions of our readers (to this date, the Cup has just over 20,000 comments--wow), we would like to extend four Cuppies to the following dedicated Cup commentators.

  • Thile wins the Red Cup Rebellion Full of Win Award for Best Commentator: Baseball. His understanding of Mike Bianco's decision making, the Rebel batting order, and the deepest depths of the Ole Miss bullpen make Thile the obvious choice for this prize. Also, his brother hosts a pretty badass tent behind Left Field from which we've filched more than our fair share of vittles and libations. Honorable mentions are due for ssmund, bovice, and ColJohnSartoris amongst many, many others.
  • buster_bluth wins the Cuppy for Best Commentator: Basketball. He once had his signature line read "I know more about basketball than you" or something along those lines. He was right. He knows his stuff and brought it all season long. Also, his avatar--a fat toddler playing "airplane" in a laundry basket--brings a shit-ton of WIN as well. Honorable mentions go to Role Player, fastbrk4, and ballin11.
  • In a move which may surprise some, RebelBruiser wins the prize for Best Commentator: Football. His knowledge of recruiting is paralleled by few and surpassed by even fewer and he is able to dismantle a Razorback detractor in an efficient, respectable manner rarely seen on these here intrawebs. Sutpens, No Quarter (both of whom have disappeared), Rebels7, and about every other comment-witer ever earns an honorable mention here.
  • And finally, winning the Best Commentator: Snideness, Snark, and General Smartassery prize is Jim Halpert. No explanation is necessary. Hoyt Brumley, the_drake, ssmund, and (yes) BimBamOleMissByDamn all earn honorable mentions along with a few dozen other smartasses.

If you'd like, we could make you faincy-schmaincy custom gold/chocolate cups with your name or picture on them. Seriously. We (may or may not) would be glad to do that. Just let us know. And congrats, keep bringing the WIN. And, just because you didn't win doesn't mean we don't like you. You're grown enough to know that. You all bring the WIN in your own magical, special little way. /kindergarten'd