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The Red Cup Rebellion Full of Win Awards: Best Analytical Post


We wish that we could rebel against the SBN Post Editor, the poll options for which were not built with the goal of maintaining suspense.

Though we pride ourselves on our "snark" - our chief export and claim to fame, which has been misinterpreted by both friend and foe - any group of amateur pseudo-journalists worth their salt must take occasion from poking fun at the foibles of others to do some real work. Anybody can make jokes if they work hard enough at it. But to add a sliver of legitimacy and spice things up, sometimes we put on our thinking caps and employ an almost lost art occasionally seen on public broadcasting (and to a lesser extent on ESPN, but practically never in the annals of government) - analysis. A stroll down memory lane is after the jump.

Jevan Snead: A Quarterback Killed - The Ghost of Jay Cutler

A requiem for the 2009 season endured by Jevan Snead, focusing on why the heck he could never replicate his late-2008 greatness.

Tindon Holliday: All Hype - Juco All-American

A mid-season critique of the lack of offensive production by the diminutive Bayou Bengal dubbed "the fastest man in football." RCR was the fastest blog on the 'sphere to point out this - one of many - critical piece of evidence that Les Miles has ZERO clue what he is doing, or for that matter, what planet he is on.

What Was Lee Ziemba Doing - The Ghost of Jay Cutler

Remember that broken play against Georgia that Auburn suffered? It left ESPN analysts bamboozled. But, while you may be able to sneak an intricately-designed, not-perfectly-executed Rube Goldberg-quality Guz Malzahn trick play by ESPN, you're not going to get it past the ghoulishly perceptive Ghost of Jay Cutler.

Bianco Apologists to Hold Candlelight Vigil; Top Five Coaching Blunders from Today - Brian Walker's Elbow

While you might not have, the Cup's resident baseball expert saw the writing on the wall after game two of the Super Regional against Virginia. Not everyone agrees with his tough stance on Bianco, but he made a strong case for how Bianco's decisions in that game cost us the series.

Ole Miss Basketball: Full of Talent? - Juco All-American

Based largely on the return of a star guard from 2008 and a star guard from 2009, the hardcourt Rebs were call "loaded," which lead to the belief that they underperformed. Juco challenged those assumptions