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New York Shenanigans

 Many of you may remember the summer feature, Weekend Plans, in which members of the cup hypothesize about what various people associated with Ole Miss athletics plan to do during the weekend. Seeing as how the basketball team is currently on a trip to New York, we figured that we might as well see what they might be doing there. Enjoy.


Andy Kennedy: ensuring that all cabbies with which he rides are of politically insultable ethnic heritage; meeting with P Diddy (or whatever the Hell he's called these days) to design a line of business-casual sweatwear. Afterwards, he'll be going to Scores for, you know, dinner with some old coaching friends. They've got great steaks, even after midnight!

Chris Warren: is being allowed to ride MOST of the rides at Coney Island; shopping around Williamsburg for new hats, plus picking up new facial hair ideas.

Eniel Polynice: really determined to play a good game. OOH! MTV STUDIOS!

Murphy Holloway: Practicing his three point shot.

Will Bogan: visiting Strawberry Fields in Central Park, Hanging out in the Upper East Side, window shopping on Madison Avenue, and grabbing some drinks in Midtown; easily confused for Macauley Culkin, is mobbed by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern for making a fool out of them on the silver screen to millions of Americans.

Logan Nutt: spending time in his hotel room reading the Bible graciously left by those thankless Gideons....and enjoying every minute of it.

Terrance Henry: falling through a subway grate.

Terrico White: ordering a gigantic pie from Ray's famous pizza, waiting for it to get cold, and then eating the whole damn thing with little to no effort.

Deaundre Cranston: Missed the bus. To quote Cranston, "wait, I thought we were playing in New Jersey. I guess I'm out of position again. (Frowney face)."

Reginald Buckner: shoving as many Magnolia Cupcakes as he can in his mouth. When asked "why," he replies through a maelstrom of crumb and frosting bits "bitch, don't ask me why" before slapping a microphone out of the hand of an RCR correspondent.

As a side note, on a jaunt through Spanish Harlem, the team spots none other than Dahveed Huertas failing, once again, to justify his existence as a CVS cashier. /that'sracist'd (An aside to this aside: it's not racist to suggest that a Puerto Rican living in New York might live in Spanish harlem.)