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Rebel Roundup - 3/30/10

Ole Miss Revved Up For NIT Semifinal | Commercial Appeal
Well they should be! They're the only SEC team still playing basketball which, you know, means they're the best 'n' stuff. Right? Terrico White is especially excited about tonight's matchup, calling upon his Muse Reggie Miller and saying

I've been thinking about it, daydreaming about it ... When [Miller] said that [great players perform even better in MSG], I got to thinking that when we go there, then something great is going to happen.

Well, winning the NIT isn't "great". It's more like a "kinda neat, I suppose," but don't let that diminish the game's importance to you, Terrico, because we're going to need a light's out performance out of you if we're to win this one.

More NIT coverage to come later today.

UM Alumnus to Call Game for ESPN2 | Clarion Ledger
NOTE: The Clarion Ledger properly used their Latin in calling Ron Franklin an "alumnus". Why do I point this out? Because a huge pet peeve of mine is when people say "I'm an alumni of [school]." You can't be an alumni, you're one damned person. "Alumni" is plural. Ugh.


Anyway, calling the Rebel basketball game tonight will be the aforementioned Franklin, a Jacksonian and a Rebel. In fact, this will be the 20th consecutive year for Franklin to call the NIT semis and final for ESPN. He says he'll remain impartial, as any reputable and experienced broadcaster should, but does admit that he's happy the Rebels have made it this far in the tournament.

Florida Hammers Ole Miss, Avoids Sweep | Commercial Appeal
Yeah, that sucked. We've talked about it enough on here (although I don't mind further discussion on the matter) but here's a link to the CA's take on last weekend's SEC series.

Alex Yarborough named SEC Freshman of the Week | SEC Sports dot com
Why? Here's why:

Yarbrough was a critical piece of the Rebels’ 4-1 performance on the week and series win over No. 2 Florida on the weekend as he hit .450 with a .550 slugging percentage and a .520 on base percentage ... Posted four multiple-hit games for the Rebels and reached base in all five games for a .520 on base %.

One thing I think we can all get excited about with regards to this team is the production we've gotten out of several young players. As many critics as he has, one thing which cannot be denied about Bianco is that he knows how to get folks on base.

Governor's Cup Pits Old Piss against Misstake | Sun Herald dot Com
We're pretty good at baseball games not played on Sundays, whereas Mississippi State isn't very good at baseball games played on any day. Sitting at 14-10 with a 2-4 in conference mark, should give the Rebels the edge. I know, I know, State is coached by the magnificient, the wondrous, the demigodly John Cohen who was, in fact, hired by The MaWfUkKin' Ninja himself, but I wouldn't be too worried about this game.* Coverage to come later.

Houston Nutt Praises a Pair of Gulf Coast CC Stars | Gulf Live dot com
Without having read the article, I am pretty sure this is what Coach said:

Whoo, heh, lemme say that Damien Jackson, brings it. Brings that helmet. He's got that wood. And, whooo boy, Wayne-ie-wayne? Just tremendous heart. Great heart. Tremendous. Doesn't let go.

Was I right? Yeah, thought so.



*Yes, I know Goforth is pitching... I'm still not worr-- oh, Hell, who am I kidding?