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Rebel Roundup - 3/3/10

Pomeranz after his 15K performance against Oakland.

Ole Miss Whips Memphis 7-2 | The Clarion Ledger
Brian Walker's Elbow will have more on this but here's the meainstream folks' take on last night's victories over TiGeR hIgH! 

State, Ole Miss Players Earn All-SEC | The Clarion Ledger
Sleazy Kyle Veazey (he pals around with Negative Slant Brandt), being the State beat writer, is more focused on the Lady Bulldog roundballers who have earned all-SEC fame, but we at the Cup are going to ignore them girls while extending a hearty congratulations to Bianca Thomas for being named a first team all-SEC womens basketballer for the second year in a row. The SEC Womens Basketball Tournament begins this week with the 9th seeded Lady Rebels facing the 8th seeded Lady Gamecocks (oxymoronic or hilarious?).

Wear Red Tonight Thursday For Home Basketball Finale |
Just a reminder for the 30 or 40 of you who care enough to show up, the coaches and players want folks to wear red. We're playing the worst LSU team in perhaps the history of ever, surely guaranteeing a win. Were we to lose tonight Thursday, we'd take an RPI hit so significant that even the NIT would be like "hells naw."

ACKBAR NEWS BELOW (For those who are sick of it by now)

Vote Admiral Ackbar for Mascot | Cinematical
First, college sports bloggers got a hold of this. Then the national sports media gave it a look. Then the sci-fi folks. Now the movie bloggers have jumped aboard the Ackbar for Ole Miss campaign.

Offering Up an Ackbar Alternative | FotP
There's another Ackbar out there who's looking for work in the sports/entertainment industry and his case for Rebel mascot is well arguied by Bunksington "Bunkie" Perkins. And, for those totally embarrassed by a sci-fi squid-man, he's an actual person... sorta!

Does Ole Miss or any School Need a Mascot? | Gerald Ensley via
Why does some old, Mitch Albom-type of writer always have to jut their societal views into otherwise meaningless discussions? Basically, they want to make a point about society at large (a point which isn't exactly false) but can't because they're shackled by the label of "sports columnist" so they throw some thin, sporty veil over whatever it is they're writing. No, Ole Miss doesn't need a mascot. Hell, Ole Miss doesn't need a football team. If you really want to get extreme with the semantics, we could argue that Tallahassee doesn't even need a newspaper, Gerald, so you'd be shit out of a job in a purely needs based society. We know that mascots and, really, college athletics in general are a little ridiculous. Shit, human society is nothing but a collection of accepted, unnecessary absurdities. Pointing them out doesn't exactly make you look as smart as you think it does.