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The Red Cup Rebellion Full of Win Awards: Best Rival Commentator


So here's how we're going to do this: Anything involving you, the readers and commentators, we will decide who wins. Anything involving us, you'll decide. It'll be fun. We swear. Also, we're not giving out one for every category listed in this feature's introduction. You'll see and you'll like it.

So, to get this kicked off, the very first Cuppy was awarded today to Roll Bama Roll's Kleph for Greatest Rival Commentator. As I wrote on RBR, Kleph is being awarded this "for his contribution to HATE WEEK, Red Cup Radio, and various nonsensical comments threads of varying significance."

Congrats, Kleph. Honorable mentions go out to WallaceWade (another Bama fan), ARTiger (LSU), and dxf04 (Arkansas).