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Two. Dos. Deux. Zwei. Två.

No matter how you say it, everybody's favorite/least favorite Ole Miss Rebel sports blog has grown out of infancy and into toddlerhood. It's a bit humbling to think that a poorly designed, vulgar Blogspot site could become a part of what I feel to be the best network of college blogs on the Web, especially when considering the quality of analysis and coverage put out by some of our compatriots. But, regardless, we're incredibly grateful for this.

Thank you Juco, Whiskey (he's not dead yet), One Man, Ivory, and BWE for your love of Ole Miss, senses of humor, and friendship. I don't know what the lot of us would be without Ole Miss sports--likely something far less interesting than we already are. Thank you Bankoff, Blez, Chris, Trei, and everybody at SBNation who have given us a unique privilege to write on their fantastic platform and incredible opportunities to share our love of sport with seemingly every significant blogger out there. Thank you Rocky Top Talk, Roll Bama Roll, Garnet and Black Attack, and all of the other SEC via SBN bloggers who convinced us to assimilate with the blog borg. Y'all were right; it was a good move. Thanks are also in order for all of the SBN college blogs not ending in "-ed Cup Rebellion" for being paragons of fan-centric analysis, snark, and coverage. We try, albeit not hard enough, to live up to the standards y'all have set.

But finally, the greatest amount of thanks go out to our readers. From the comments, to Red Tent Rebellion, to podcasts, all the way to smart-assed email chains and GChat threads, you have all made this more entertaining and enriching than we could have hoped for during the last week of 2008's March. All of you, Rebels and non-Rebels alike, have been the reason we keep plugging away.

It's been a great two years. There have been peaks and there have been valleys, but it's all been worth it. I have no idea how much longer this will last but, for all of our sakes, let's hope it continues to be whatever it is that keeps all of us coming back for more.

Hotty Toddy!