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Rebel Roundup - 3.26.10 Afternoon Edition

I have the privilege of doing this afternoon edition of the Rebel Round Up.  Forgive me if it's heavily laiden with baseball stuff.


Yeah, it's still over there.  Yes, you still need to do it.  Gracias. 

Spring Football Outlook | Ole Miss

Just your run-of-the-mill story from headquarters detailing the beginning of spring practice. This article might set the Guiness World Record for the use of the phrase "tremendous challenge."  That's not a good sign when talking about your team and how it will fare this fall.

Hecklin' Florida | Sneak a Leak

Sneak a Leak provides his weekly hecklin' material for Florida's right fielder.  He actually includes six players to ensure the hate is equally spread.  (HT: Sneak a Leak)

Ten Intriguing Series to Watch |

Kendall Rogers over at previews the top ten series to watch in college baseball this weekend.  Obviously, our series with Florida is one of them.  Among the top ten are South Carolina @ Auburn, Alabama @ Arkansas, Kentucky @ Vanderbilt.  If you love college baseball, you'll appreciate knowing a little bit more about the important series.

#2 Florida visits #17 Ole Miss | GaToR zOnE

The official UF athletics' site does a good job of breaking down the series from their perspective.  They also include a recap of last season's series in Gainesville.  It's worth the read. 

Conflicting Interests: Why Urban Meyer and David Weeks are Wrong | Team Speed Kills

If you keep up with news from around the SEC, you have seen or read about Urban Meyer's "Mike Gundy Moment" in which he threatened a reporter for allegedly taking one of his player's comments out of context.  In other national news, you've heard about the ruckus surrounding the black athlete/South Carolina situation.  This story by cocknfire of Team Speed Kills makes a great argument against both of the men and provides a historical perspective to back them up.