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Rebel Roundup - 3/25/10

We've been slacking as of late. There has been good stuff to drunkenly babble about, but the schedules of yours truly, BWE, One Man, and Ivory Tower haven't been matching up so well. We'll be back at cha next week. Promise.

It's on the right. You see it. Take it. Thanks.

Ole Miss Batters St. Louis 14-5 | Gulf
As expected, the Rebel bats came alive, cranking out an eye-popping nineteen hits to earn the easy victory over the demon-Bhudda doll monster things of St. Louis. Kevin Mort, a favorite of this particular bloggeur, hit his first dinger while eight Rebel batters earned multiple hits. Trent Rothlin (3-1), got the win.

Patrick Patterson in Dog House | Clarion
Hey Pat, some advice: either stop smoking weed and playing XBox in lieu of classes, or stop getting caught smoking weed and playing XBox in lieu of classes. You need a damn role model, and soon. Might I suggest Taye Biddle?

Rebels Have Plenty of Shoes to Fill | Commercial
We are losing fourteen starters and nearly 5,000 yards of offensive production to graduation and the draft. Next year's gonna suck balls. This doesn't seem to phase Brandon Bolden or Raymond Cotton so much, per the article, which is a tad refreshing, I guess.

UNC, URI, Dayton, and Old Piss square off in MSG | DNA
No, not monosodium glutamate, Madison Square Garden, the site of the final four of the NIT (also known as the "last four out", "the forgotten four", "the feeble four", and the "please change the channel back to CBS." If the Rebs make the championship game (beating Dayton won't be easy, more on that next week), yours truly will most likely make the trip to New York to watch the Rebels face Rhode Island or North Carolina. While still a disappointment, the season could at least end on an interesting note with Kennedy's squad facing last season's national champions in the NIT.