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Rebel Roundup - 3/24/10 - [INSERT CLICHE ABOUT NEW YORK]

Start Spreadin' the News, An Empire State of Mind, New York Minute, etc.
Whatever New York-themed song is stuck in your head right now is applicable because our Rebels are attending the little dance in the Big Apple after earning another trip to the NIT Final Four held in Madison Square Garden. Congratulations are in order to this team who, despite missing the tournament, have done a great job of keeping up the fight during the pseudo-postseason.

Texas Tech's Season Ends in Double Overtime | Dallas News dot com
A more detailed, analytical recap will soon be here but, for now, here's the Texans' take on last night. Texas Tech, you're welcome we let you stick around for as long as you did.

Number 17 Ole Miss "Knocks Off" Eagles | Hattiesburg American
Tell me, off of what, exactly, were the Golden Eagles knocked? As with the roundball, there will be a more detailed recap from last night's 11-6 victory over Southern Miss in Pearl coming soon.

One-on-one with Drew Pomeranz | Yahoo! Sports
Kendall Rogers of Yahoo! recently conducted an interview with Pom on his career thus far, what's to come as a Rebel, and his professional prospects. Unfortunately, every question Rogers asked of Pomeranz was met with a reply of "DREW POMERANZ, OLE MISS BASEBALL, FUCKIN' GOOGLE IT!"

Ok, not really. It's actually a solid interview and well worth the read.