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Rebel Roundup - 3/22/10 - Is it too late to do a "Beware the Ides of March" joke? It is? Damn.

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UK - Ole Miss Review | BatCatBanter
One final look at the SEC opening weekend victory for the Rebels in Lexington from BatCat Banter, written by David Wade of Baseball Daily Digest. According to Wade

There were about 45 MLB scouts in attendance and they had to have been impressed.  Should Pomeranz decide to enter the draft in June, nothing short of signability issues would likely keep him out of the first round.

I buy that.

Rebels, Eagles (Regrettably) Converge on Pearl to Rekindle "Rivalry" | The Clarion Ledger
It what has been an admittedly exciting few games as of late, the Rebels and Golden Eagles will play tonight in Pearl's Trustmark Park. A preview from OMTB or BWE is soon on the way and, as OMTB mentioned in his Kentucky wrapup, he will be there along with a few other Cuppers. Give us a shout if you're looking for some good Rebels with which to drink a few beers on an early Spring evening.

Pat Knight and Andy Kennedy are Good Friends | College Confedential
No really, they are. The head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders, who the Rebels will face tonight for a birth in the (way uncool little brother of the) Final Four, says

He's one of my best friends in the (coaching) business ... You know how this business is ... You've got about a handful of guys that you consider your good friend.'

Well, Pat, maybe if you weren't such a butthole you'd have more friends. Just sayin'. (oh emm gee so kidding right there)

Steven Godfrey Makes his Debut on FOTP 
That snarky, hip bastard is kinda right, though.