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Rebel Roundup - 3/22/10

Take it. If enough of y'all do so, the Cup will be given $500 to give towards a charity of your choice. It is a little lengthy, but doesn't ask anything complex. The folks at SBNHQ are just trying to get a gague as to what kind of audience they have for the network at large in order to generate more profitable ad space and introduce new blogs and communities to cover under-represented reader bases.

Do it. You've got six or seven minutes to burn anyway.

Ole Miss defeats Memphis | SBNation Recap
There really isn't much else to say aobut this matchup that couldn't have been said about our opening round victory over Troy: we just brought it to the Tigers from start to finish. Terrico's badass alley-oop dunk demonstrates the type of effort, skill, and complete disregard for the opponent this team missed all throughout the SEC schedule. While frustrating, these victories are kinda sorta salvaging the season (not really but whatever).

OIe Miss to Face Texas Tech | Clarion Ledger
Now that we're in the Elite Eight (of the NIT), we'll have some more work cut out for us when the Texas Tech Red Raiders come to Oxford on Tuesday night. We'll have more coverage of this game up soon and I am certain that our blogmigos over at Double-T Nation will have some great stuff as always.

Rebels Take the Series at Kentucky | The Courier Journal
Brian Walker's Elbow will have more on this if he hasn't done something on it already. Although Sunday was an abomination, I am very, very pleased with how the rest of the series played out.