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Rebel Roundup - 3/2/10

How about <em>Tradition the Motorcycle</em> for mascot?
How about Tradition the Motorcycle for mascot?

Thanks for Joining us!
We're glad all of you new folks are here fighting your crusade for whatever reason you may be fighting it! Just be sure to read the disclaimer and learn to use the reply button. Thanks for sticking up for all of Ole Miss' super awesome traditions!

Tanner Mathis: A good start to Mustache March | Brandt
I participated in No-Shave November once. It was manly. Hopefully our baseballers who are participating in Mustache March can actually grow rad-ass mustaches because a lineup of dapper young men with bristly faceplows would be pretty damned cool. Oh yeah, and Tanner Mathis is pretty good at baseball.

Hugh Freeze Hired as Arkansas State OC | The Commercial Appeal
The former Ole Miss assistant and head coach of Briarcrest Christian School has landed in Jonesboro after a very short spell in San Diego San Jose (I'm am, and. idiot). As the offensive coordinator of the Indians Red Wolves, I would expect to see plenty of triple-reverses, flea flickers, and McClusterfucks coming out of their offense. Anything else would be a bit disappointing.

Combine Leaders |
Here are the best results from the first workouts of the NFL combine. You'll see Dexter McCluster mentioned a good bit in the various running backs drills. Also, Tim Tebow is a freak athlete per the numbers, but we sorta knew that already.

Ackbar Backlash a Joke | San Francisco Chronicle
The title reads like "people who are anti-Ackbar are a joke" (a stance with which I fully agree) but the blog entry actually posits that there isn't much, if any, Ackbar backlash. There is, and the comments we've gotten over the last couple of days (thaaaaaanks!) are evidence enough. The author does say this, though:

And this blogger hopes it succeeds right smack in the face of Ole Miss alumns who need to be shaken out of their cultural comfort zone.