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Rebel Roundup - 4/19/10

That Was Fun
Let's hope today's batch of opening round games are just as exciting as yesterdays. After two relatively boring tournaments, this year's edition of March Madness is looking to truly live up to its name.

Two Important FanPosts
First, from Leftfield Lounger, is A Look So Far which comments and critiques the play of our baseball team's performance up until this upcoming SEC-opening weekend against Kentucky. Secondly, ColJohnSartoris has a way for you to watch said baseball weekend for three simple installments of $free.99; act now!

No. 20 Kentucky hosts No. 19 Ole Miss |
Instead of bringing you the weekend preview from the Rebel corporate headquarters, as has been per recent custom, I'm briniging you the same but from the Kentucky site. I doubt it's much different, but it's how we keep it FAIR and BALANCED around here. Right, Shep?

Hometown Tigers Serve to Pump Up Terrico White | Clarion Ledger
If Terrico White and amplify his already dominating play thus far in the NIT, he should be able to show the Memphis faithful what they've been missing out on. If he doesn't, though, he'll continue to show we Rebels what we've been missing out on. Let's hope 'Rico and Bucker both, as Memphis natives, play this game with the level of intensity their recruiting rankings would suggest.

Tigers, Rebels are Familiar Foes | The Commercial Appeal
Unfortunately, they're right.