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Rebel Roundup - 3/18/10

Post-Irish Wooziness
But 'twas fun. Pardon us for being a bit slow around here over the next few hours, if you could.

Ole Miss Cruises To NIT Opening-Round Win |
The Rebels cruised to victory last night in front of a capacity crowd at the Tad Pad. Terrico White led the team offensively, scoring 27 while Chris Warren scored 16. Quoth Coach Kennedy with regards to 'Rico's performance:

I thought he was aggressive and it's always helpful to make shots early because they stay aggressive ... I would like to see that every night, but maybe he's not ready to do that every night. You forget that he's a sophomore and we want him to approach like that every night because he's certainly got the ability to do something.

No shit, coach. And, let's be frank: this is basketball. Sophomores can excel in college basketball. Hell, freshmen can easily excel in hoops (exhibit A: Kentucky). Terrico should have been playing like this all season. I like you, coach, I really do. But dang, you really should have lit a fire under him months ago.

Also, check out the NIT's page with their article on last night. Do you notice that the image labelled as Terrico White is actually Murphy Holloway?

You're welcome, RolePlayer.


 Willis Wins Butkus Award As Collegian And Pro |
I guess I wasn't really aware that the Butkus award was also given to NFL 'backers but, regardless, Patrick Willis has become the first person to win said award both as a collegiate athlete at Ole Miss and a professional baller out in San Francisco. Congratulations to PWillie who not only drops the kaboom-hammer on opponents, but also loves the kids.

March 17 Regional Projections | Rivals
Rivals thinks we're hosting a regional which could include Coastal Carolina, ECU, and Austin Pee. I'd like that. We're not currently projected as a national seed (surprise!) and have our regional paired with Clemson's.