Watch this weekend's games against Kentucky for free

I posted something similar a couple of weeks ago for the Tulane series so wanted to give everyone a heads up for this as well. It appears that since Kentucky uses CSTV as their media provider we should be able to watch this weekend's games for free on their CSTV XXL package.

If you signed up to watch the Tulane games, just log in...your trial is good for the month of March. If you didn't, follow the steps below to receive a free month trial of the CSTV XXL package. No credit card information is needed.

Follow these steps:

1. Click HERE.

2. Click "Register"

3. Click the radial button for CSTV XXL Monthly ($14.95)
4. **Important Part** - in the field labeld "Coupon Code" type in "FREEMONTH10" (it must be in capital letters) and click "apply coupon"
4b. This will change the price of the monthly package to $0. Now click Register
5. No Credit Card info is needed. Put in an email address, your birthday, password, etc. and register.
6. Send a message to ColonelJohnSartoris thanking him for being such a badass.

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