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Rebel Roundup - 3/16/10

Shep Smith Watching Underground Basketball Feed on Air | YouTube
Shep Smith is just like the rest of us, fuckin' off at work and whatnot. Except he is brazen enough to do it with millions of people watching. THAT IS DEDICATION, DAMMIT!

What's the Future For Eniel Polynice | Brandt
There has been speculation of the dynamic-scorer-and-perimeter-defender-turned-spastic-baller's future. Namely, rumors of him entering the NBA draft (yes, really) have surfaced. There is also a possibility that he'll transfer, albeit to a lower division in order to avoid sitting out a season per NCAA regulations. If so, I wouldn't be surprised. Polynice went from a true threat to a fish-lookalike liability and, with Nick Williams and Dundrecous Nelson coming in at guard spots, he may not have many opportunities for playing time next season.

The 2010 Bitter Bowl Bracket | Maize 'n' Brew
SBN's Michigan blog and another member of the elite society of blogs whose titles reference alcohol comsumption (Northwestern's Sippin on Purple is another) has taken fan bases who are bitter - and rightfully so - about the performances of their sports franchises as of late. Why are we in it? You know exactly why. Our longstanding tradition of beginning seasons ranked or with solid win streaks, only to fade down the stretch in every sport we care about has earned us an invite to this particular dance. Our first round matchup is against the Arkansas Razorbacks who, despite hiring quarterback Jesus to be their head coach and reruiting the tallest, cannon-armed cro magnan in the state of Arkansas to transfer away from Michigan, still kinda suck balls at football. Other teams invited are Michigan, Washington, Georgia, Indiana, UCLA, amongst others.