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Full of Win II: The Cuppies


It was in March of 2008 when Ivory Tower sent an email about to his fellow Ole Miss sports geeks and general comrades to gauge interest in starting up our own snarky, off-color Rebel blog. A few days later, Red [REDACTED] Cup was created. That would eventually grow to what you're looking at now which, quite frankly, is well beyond anything we expected.

So, how are we celebrating our second birthday? By giving out meaningless awards, that's how! In a way to re-visit the Best of the Cup series started during our first birthday celebration, we are going to let you nominate and vote on which posts, fanshots, comments, etc. will win Cuppies. Yeah, we're calling them "Cuppies" and there ain't shit you can do about that. Categories in which we are accepting nominations follow.

  • Best Post
  • Best Fanshot
  • Best Fanpost
  • Best Comment
  • Best Comment Thread
  • Best Rebel Commenter
  • Best Rival Commenter
  • Worst Commenter (also known as "The Gonzohog Prize")
  • Best use of profanity and/or snark*
  • Best use of images*
  • Most grammatically horrible pile of turds post*

So there they are, have at it. When nominating, please put the category of whatever you're nominating in bold and provide a link where applicable. An asterisk (*) denominates a category which applies to all media on the site (posts, fanshots, fanposts, and comments). And, as always, our hats are tipped to Goose for his quick turnaround on bizarre photoshop requests.