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Rebel Roundup - 3/11/10 - Brief Rebel News and Notes

No Red Cup Radio Last Night
Apologies to the four of you who listen to the podcast. We had stuff to talk about, but we've also been busy with some shit. Our bad.

No. 17 Rebels Down Austin Pee (that sounds gross) |
BWE sums this up fantastically so scroll down to check his stuff out. I'm just throwing up the corporate headquarters' link because it'll make me.

Connor Vogel (total hottie) named SEC PotW |
Yeah, we're good at women's tennis too.

Bubble Watch Update | SBNation
Chris Dobbertean has us "in" per his latest projections, but still points out how crucial our upcoming matchup with Tennessee or LSU is to our tournament resume.

SEC Tournament Preview | SBNation
"It's more than the 'Kentucky Invitational'?" No, it is. They'll win it.