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Rebel Roundup - 3/1/10

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Snead makes big mistake by leaving Ole Miss |
Clark Judge says Jevan Snead needs another year at Ole Miss to "hone" his "skills". No thanks, Clark. We're fine over here.

Ole Miss' McCluster Ready to Make Tacklers Miss |
The Percy Harvin comparisons have started, as well as have the expectations of a 4.3-ish 40 yard dash time. How did McCluster do? Not so hot, apparently, running only a 4.58 which likely knocks him out of the first two rounds.

Admiral Ackbar Ignites Backlash at Ole Miss |
Admiral Ackbar and the farcical campaign to install him as the new on-field mascot has caused such an up-swelling of negativity amongst a few Rebel fans that some alumni are going to withdraw their (biennial, $250) donations and a small group of students have even (emptily) threatened to transfer! Oh heavens no! What hell hath we wrought upon ourselves by douching ourselves of the very people who make Ole Miss look bad in the first place--pun intended. If a bunch of butthurt Colonel Reb supporters want to leave, then fine. Fuck 'em. I don't want people who take a mascot that seriously cheering for the same football team as I do.

Josh Moon is an Idiot | The Montgomery Advertiser 
Sayeth the fourth or fifth finest city in Alabama's sports columnist:

See, here in the SEC, we simply can’t sit idly by as one of our member institutions seriously contemplates choosing a "Star Wars" character as its mascot.

Well, I guess we can add him to the disturbingly large list of people who have missed the point of the Ackbar campaign entirely.

Tide Subsides Again in Second Half | Montgomery Advertiser
Don't give up on this barely-clinging-to-the-edge-of-the-bubble Ole Miss Rebel basketball team yet! Remember, we beat Kansas state that one time!

Ole Miss Sweeps Oakland |
You won't really need to look at this, being as how Brian Walker's Elbow did a fantastic enough job compiling some numbers alongside his thoughts on the weekend (below this post, lawyas), but if you want the opposition's perspective for some odd reason or another, follow the link.