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Rebel Roundup - 2/9/10 - Lunchtime Edition!

Lunchtime Edition!
I slept until 11:30.  Deal with it.  The SNOWPOCALYPSE continues as another 10 inches are going to be dumped on DC today.  I will likely not, however, spend much time playing around in it a la last time.  Snow isn't fun anymore.  It fuckin' sucks.  It is cold and wet.

SEC Baseball TV Schedule Released | SEC Sports News
The new SEC/ESPN package is going to allow a ton of SEC baseball games to be televised which is a damn good step in the right direction as far as establishing the legitimacy of SEC ball nation wide goes.  Ole Miss will be on tee bee 13 times, according to this, which is 2nd in the league behind LSU's 16.

Biggest shoes to fill in the SEC | ESPN
I don't think Dexter McCluster's shoes are that big, but they will need filling I guess. [NOTE: I am speaking literally of the man's footwear.  I will never understate the Lil Bastid's contribution to our successes.]

Newcomers to watch in the SEC in 2010 | ESPN
Defensive End signee Wayne Dorsey is listed as a newcomer to watch.  Being as how he'll likely make his way into the starting rotation, I'd agree.  Also, he's 6'8" so, even if you didn't want to watch him, I doubt you're going to fail to notice the guy.

Haslett talkes about Ole Miss interest |
Jim Haslett's son, James Haslett, is a pro-style high school quarterback who has this to say:

"My sister loved it at Ole Miss and I wanted to see a baseball game because Ole Miss always has some great baseball teams," he said. "When I was down there, I walked into the indoor facility and I just couldn't believe it. I said to myself, this is where I want to be, I want to be a Rebel."

Apparently his sister went to Ole Miss.  I hadn't a clue.