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Rebel Roundup - 2/8/10

And you know what, we appreciate that, Colts fans.  This guy is going to be in New Orleans in circa five days.  Envy me.

Because of SNOWPOCALYPSE2.0 I ain't gotta work today.  The roads are all snowy and wet and the bus and metrorail ain't runnin.  So why am I up at 7:30 AM typing this, one may ask?  Skiing.  I'll be doing that.

Fuzzy 'n' Shit
That's what about four gallons of beer have done to my vision.  Get off of my back.

Ole Miss outlasts Lady Tigers in 3OT thriller | 2 The Advocate dot com
Take THAT, LSU! When I got a tweet about this game on my Blackberry, I read something about "Holloway's layup" putting the Rebels over the Tigers. "But, we just played Alabama, right?" Yeah, I confused Kayla Holloway with Murphy Holloway, oh well. Still great work by the Lady Rebs who needed to end their skid and get some conference wins to get themselves tournament ready.

Ole Miss Defeats Alabama, Initial Impressions | Roll Bama Roll
The SEC on SBN flagship (sorry, RockyTopTalk) has their impressions of Saturday's game up. Bama07, a Bama basketball guru if there ever were such a thing, writes:

Here's all that you need to know: Alabama blew a 23-point second half lead. That's my only initial impression. In the words of our very own Forrest Gump, "that's all I have to say about that."

Yeah, that's really all you need to say, Bama07.

AP: Football's First Family Back At The Big Game |
You know, for a guy who never won anything of import after his Sugar Bowls, Archie Manning has spent a ton of time at the Super Bowl. While his middle son didn't win last night, I can't help but imagine that he, Eli, and Cooper weren't a bit excited for New Orleans.