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Rebel Roundup - 2/5/10

My apologies in advance for either not blogging at all or wasting your time by writing about snow.  Snowpocalypse 2.0 demands the respect and attention of all people, Rebels or not, who live in and around the D of C.  (For the unaware, we're getting upwards of 24 inches over the next two days.  It will be fun and a little scary in a post-apocalyptic way, hence the name.)

Signing Day Reset | The Daily Mississippian
Paul Katool is the worst writer the Daily Mississippian has ever had (OH BURN I SO GOT YOU PAUL).  Doing your best to decipher the drivel machine that is his fingers + a keyboard, go ahead and read his recap of signing day on the Daily Mississippian website.

Buckner's Getting Better, but Return is Uncertain | Brandt
MORE NEGATIVE SLANT BRANDT!  If we are to turn the quickly sinking ship that is Ole Miss basketball around, we're going to need Reggie Buckner's ankle to heal, and now.  His post presence is absolutely necessary to our successes.

Rebels Class Heavy on Defensive Linemen | Memphis Commercial Appeal
You're damn right it is.  According to Rivals, the average defensive line prospect we signed this year comes in at 6'5" and 245 pounds.  Giving these guys time in the weight room, we will continue to have a large, powerful defensive line.  That is definitely an Ole Miss tradition in the making that we can all get damned excited about.

Mississippi State Wins In-state Recruiting Battle (not really the title but whatever) | Memphis Commercial Appeal
This whole argument is a firehose hooked up to a 500-gallon tank of bullshit.  More on this later.