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Rebel Roundup - 2/4/10 - Back to Business

 Back To Business
So, signing day was fun, huh?  We'll have some more post-crootin' analysis and snark coming your way, but we're going to put more of our focus into basketball and baseball for a little while if that's alright with y'all.  Or if it isn't.  Whatever.

Red Cup Radio
It wasn't exactly a great show, but it wasn't bad I guess.  We didn't have much desire to talk about anything outside of 'crootin and we certainly didn't have a gameplan at that, but give it a listen anyway because we do spend a good bit of time making fun of Dan Mullen.

Ole Miss Signing Day Central |
Here's a list of the signed players and their biographies from the official mothership of Ole Miss Sports.  Along with the well-organized compilation of all of our brand new Rebels, one is treated to a gigantic dose of CRAZYFACE mixed with fistpump so, yeah, you're welcome.

Kentucky Upholds Lead, Defeats Ole Miss |
This could have ended much more poorly.  I'll give our team credit for having some fight in a place like Rupp Arena.  Up next, the Alabama Crimson Tide at home.  I know it is a bit silly to say this in early February, but this is the closest thing to a "must win" we've faced all season.

Mackey Re-signs with Ole Miss | The Bastrop Daily Enterprise
From Randall Mackey's hometown paper comes a brief piece on his re-signing with Ole Miss after having been a sign-and-place prospect two seasons ago.  If you have never seen his video game-like numbers he racked up at both Bastrop High and EMCC, follow the link.  After your eyes are sufficiently popped, return.  I don't want to mislead anyone into thinking that that type of production is even remotely possible in the SEC, but I think it is faily well understood that Randall Mackey is an excellent offensive talent.

Late Move by Ole Miss Fulfills Cornerback's Dream |
Cedric Smith of Prattville, Alabama -- a very traditionally talent-rich program -- was a last minute pickup by our coaching staff.  As a lightly recruited corner, Smith was looking to play ball in the Sun Belt when Auburn and Ole Miss began courting him during the last few moments of the recruiting period.  We offered him a scholarship and his dream of earning a spot on an SEC roster was fulfilled.  No, I don't know if this guy will be great, nor do I know whether or not he'll even see the field at Ole Miss, but it is good to see a guy who truly loves the sport of football as a part of our freshman class.

Mascot Issue Goes to the Polls | The Daily Mississippian
The ASB Senate last night passed a bill which would allow students to vote between maintaining the mascot-less status quo or establishing a brand new, on-field mascot.  The Save Colonel Reb foundation naturally thinks this is bullshit.  They also introduced legislation to bring slap bracelets back into vogue before offering a student-wide referendum as to whether or not "life was, like, waaaaay better before we had a polio vaccine."

Jones Defines his Focus at Ole Miss |
Chancellor Jones says

[my] main focus and priority is to rally more support behind higher education.

That, and KILLING OUR TRADITIONS!!!!1  Liberal agenda!  Barack Obama!  SAVE COLONEL REB!!one