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Remember this?


Good Morning!  One Man to Beat, Juco All-American, and I will do the best we can to keep y'all updated throughout the day. We'll also be around to answer questions or make fun of you. Ivory Tower and Whiskey Wednesday are also both expected to make a few guest appearances, but likely in manners not very much useful.

SBNation will be covering Signing Day as well so if you want information from any of the several-dozen other college blogs on who's-going-where-and-in-what-capacity, check out the story stream.  Or not.  Whatever.

Also, here is the link to Ole Miss' official page for announcing signees. Here is the link for the Ole Miss athletics twitter page.

UPDATED SIGNEE LIST - I apologize for them being out of order. It's the order in which their LOIs were received.
1. Ralph Williams - OLB
2. Terrence Hackney - OT
3. Chase Hughes - OG/C
4. Clarence Jackson - MLB
5. Martez Eastland - FB
6. Eric Mitchell - CB
7. Cliff Coleman - CB
8. Quadarias Mireles - WR
9. Brishen Matthews - S
10. Cedric Smith - CB
11. Jared Duke - OG/OT
12. Carlton Martin - DT
13. Bryon Bennett - DT
14. Will Denny - LS
15. Vincent Sanders - WR
16. Cordell Giles - TE
17. Nicholas Parker - RB/FB