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Rebel Roundup - 2/26/10

The Rodney Dangerfield of Wideouts | Baltimore Ravens News
For a guy who led the Southeastern Conference in yards and receptions last season while having Jevan Snead as his quarterback to be projected as a 2nd day draft pick is a bit odd, wouldn't you say, Mr. Hodge:

I don’t understand it...[The SEC’s] a tough conference. You play against corners that are good and secondaries that are fast. And you hear about all the other (receivers), and rightfully so, they’re great players; but I kind of feel like I don’t get my due respect.

According to the article, scouts are questioning Hodge's speed and hands. I'll concede the speed issue because Hodge is hardly a blazer, but you're questioning his hands? Seriously? He led the conference in catches last season. He is the most sure-handed receiver I've seen in a Rebel uniform in a very long time. Still, the piece does make mention of scouts who call him an "underrated" prospect so, perhaps they're just having a difficult time assessing his abilities or something.

Star Wars Figure Gains Steam as Mascot | US News and World Report
I'm just linking this to demonstrate that one of the nation's most widely circulated news magazines has picked up on the Ackbar craze. That's all. Nothing too out of hand.

With Colonel Reb out, Draft Faulkner | Clay Travis
Very, very well done Clay. I laughed at your mockery of the riverboat gambler idea (seriously, that's dumb) and your continued hate of Hotty Toddy Man will forever be appreciated at the Cup. Furthermore, we're Faulkner fans here and, after reading this, I've discerned you to be one as well--that, or you bought some Cliff's Notes earlier this week in preparation for this piece. Either way, it's an entertaining look at the changes afoot at Ole Miss.

Rebels Set To Host Oakland In Weekend Series |
The mainstream mothership has a good rundown of what to expect this weekend. I'm certain BWE will have the same up here sometime today.