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Ole Miss 85, Auburn 75

It was a good win.

It was an exciting game.

We're still not going dancing.

Those are my feelings on last night's win. For anyone who missed it, we were down by eleven late in the game and ended up winning by 10 points. How, you ask? Our team decided to start following the gameplan and actually being active instead of passively going through the motions.

Where to begin? Ok. I'll just get the elephant in the room right out of the way.

Thanks for coming Terrico. Nice of you to show up now that we're out of contention for the NCAA tournament. You finally drove the lane and got after it. Look. It worked for you. 50% field goal percentage and 8-11 from free throw range. 5 assists. Man. Soooo frustrating.

Also, Chris Warren, you're allowed to play 34 minutes when you score 26 points. Keep that up.

Murphy Holloway is, in my eyes, the player of the game. 15 points. 20 rebounds. For everyone who missed his missed free throw attempt that he followed, rebounded, and dunked, I'm really hoping it will be on the video player soon. It was incredible. When everyone else on our team gives up, Murphy Holloway doesn't. If only any other players had his hustle and emotion.

Everyone else simply played a role. Eniel Polynice's drives weren't working early, so Polynice began to resign himself to rebounds and being a solid passer. Reginald Buckner's three blocks were big, but he needs to stay away from fouling out. It was basically a three player game, but our three were good enough to win it.

Lastly, Tay Waller is still open for three.