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Rebel Roundup - 2/24/10 - Lunchtime Mascot and Basketball Talk


The Vote Happened
It's now hopefully clearer than ever that Colonel Reb won't ever come back. Ever. An overwhelming majority of the Ole Miss students who voted chose "yes" to a student-led mascot campaign, against the wishes of the Colonel Reb foundation. Of course, now the paranoid, delusional "BRANG BACK DA KERNEL" people are saying students were "tricked" and there is a big conspiracy running amok in the Lyceum and whatnot. They truly cannot accept the possibility that maybe, just maybe, most of us don't give two shits about Colonel Reb or about a mascot in general.

The Ole Miss Students Have Spoken | The Orlando Sentinel
Just to show you how organic and viral this whole Admiral Ackbar for mascot thing has become, here are a few links from mainstream media outlets covering the story. This link, is from the Orlando Sentinel.

Admiral Ackbar Closer to Ole Miss Mascot Status |
This one is from TMZ, America's source for meaningless bullshit and celebrity gossip (redundant? likely so).

Students push Admiral Ackbar |
This one is from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Twitter | FriendsoftheProgram:
And from the good FotC at FotP's Twitter account comes this:

@Olemiss_ackbar just made cnn headline news. The Rebel Alliance has gone national!

Damn, you squiddy Admiral you!

League play rough on Ole Miss | The Commercial Appeal
Yeah, just ass it has been every year under Andy Kennedy, unfortunately. Now we must start asking when his seat gets hot. I was so convinced that we'd make the tournament this year that I had told myself that this was the year to prove himself. Do we give him another? Likely so, with the assumption that he'll continue to recruit well and that he is still pretty daggum new to the whole "head coaching a basketball team" deal.

Auburn (13-14) at Ole Miss (17-9) | The News Tribune
One Man has already discussed this game, so I'll just toss this mainstream-ish link out there with little discussion. Read it. Or not; I don't care.