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Rebel Roundup - 2/23/10 - Let me try to explain this to you.

Ole Miss WR Andrew Harris leaves team | Brandt
The wide receiver with teeth of gold and a heart to match has left the Ole Miss Rebel football team, per the EotC. Harris, a once four-star recruit out of Hargrave, never saw much playing time over the past two seasons. Having seen him up close and in person at a practice during his freshman year, I can say that Harris was a real physical specimen who seemingly did not live up to his potential.

Sprints Endorses Admiral Ackbar for Ole Miss Mascot | Team Speed Kills
It's only mentioned in passing in this particular link, but I just wanted to point out that the whole Ackbar deal has really picked up some steam. I've seen it on about ten blogs, a few of which aren't football or Star Wars related per se. If nothing more comes of this, we can at least know that we've got a few folks laughing with us as opposed to at us for a welcomed change.

Cards Prospect Bittle Shut Down, Examined | STLtoday
[HT: The Mahatma] Scott Bittle's shoulder problems, the very problems which derailed his chances with the New York Yankees and caused him to return to Ole Miss for his senior season, have resurfaced. This time, it seems that this will likely end Bittle's chances with the Cardinals, if not baseball altogether.

A Disgustingly Large Portion of Y'all are Missing the Point
As everyone knows, today is the day on which students will vote on a mascot referendum. The two options which will be presented to the students are:

  • Yes, I do support a student-led effort to develop and propose a NEW "on-field" mascot to
    represent the OLE MISS REBELS.
  • No, I do not support a student-led effort to develop and propose a NEW "on-field" mascot
    to represent the OLE MISS REBELS.

What does this mean? What doesn't this mean?

The DM did already try to explain it, but too many zealots concerned with wrapping up their personal heritages in a man wearing a cartoony foam suit either missed that issue or completely misread everything that was written in it. By my interpretation, neither a yes nor a no guarantees a new mascot. Conceivably, "yes" could win and, although such a student-led effort would be "supported" by the election, it could technically never formally be enacted. Realistically though, if "yes" does win, there likely will be a mascot committee or initiative of some in pursuit of options which undeniably will not include Colonel Reb, nor will it likely include Admiral Ackbar (sorry, y'all). "Student-led" will likely mean an ASB-run effort which, somehow, will be misconstrued as not being student-led by the Colonel Reb fanatics (because the "S" doesn't stand for "student" or anything). If this is to happen, my suggestion to the student initiative is to keep "no mascot, plz" as an option because many folks truly feel that to be the best way to approach this snafu.

The next part I am going to say very slowly: voting. no. does. N O T. mean. Ole. Miss. will. not. get. a. new. mascot.

Per the verbiage, a vote of "no" simply means that "if we do get a new mascot, I don't want the student body to be involved in it."   

If an overwhelming "no" vote wins, the administration could easily just swoop in, say "here's your new (shitty) mascot," and be done with it. The folks who are encouraging a "no" vote with some sort of roundabout idea of bringing Colonel Reb back are only choosing to further silence the voice they claim to be so dearly jihading for. They think they're "sticking it to the man" by voting "no" when, really, they're just giving the man more direct control over the issue. As I see it, the only advantage voting "no" can present is, if the "no's" were to have it, the students can easily wipe their hands clean of whatever lame-ass mascot the administration could come up with.

Voting no will not bring Colonel Reb back onto the field. Nothing any of y'all can do will bring Colonel Reb back onto the field. Not even your half-assed threats to end your biennail contribution of $250 to UMAA is going to scare the administration away on this. Those of you who want the Colonel back aren't fighting a losing battle; you're fighting a battle that was "lost" seven years ago.

I don't care what our new mascot may become, nor do I really give a shit if we ever get a new mascot. What I do care about are thousands of people who seemingly care more about some misguided crusade to expel some imaginary threat to their poorly-defined identity than the betterment of their university.