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Rebel Roundup - 2/22/10

I know this is an Ole Miss site, but...
Last night was a huge deal. Huge. Defeating Canada in Vancouver during the Olympics in ice hockey is about as monumental as say, I dunno, Ole Miss defeating Tim Tebow and the number four Florida Gators in the Swamp times twenty. At times, I find patriotism to be silly and provincial and, at other times, I find it to be totally badass. This is definitely a latter-such moment.

Ole Miss Waves Farewell to Tournament Hopes | ESPN
Hello baseball season! More on this from One Man and Juco sometime this week.

Rebels Offer Georgia Speedster | Ole Miss
Upon receiving his scholarship offer, Ralph David Abernathy IV of Atlanta

was off the walls...[he] was literally running up and down the halls screaming

Wow, Ralph, we didn't mean to startle or frighten you...

I was very excited honestly.  I know Houston Nutt is a great offensive mind and great coach. I like they way they used Dexter McCluster as a small running back. I would love to step in and fill that void that he is leaving in that offense.

Oh. Well, we're glad you're excited at the prospects of being a Rebel. Not only did Ralph run back-to-back sub-4.4 40's at a recent combine, but he also has the most regal name of any recruit Ole Miss has pursued since Elisha Nelson Manning or Gremico McSwain.

Notes from opening weekend: Is David Phillips for real? | Brandt
If David Phillips, a senior who is currently batting 6th in the Rebel batting order, keeps swinging the bat the way he did this weekend against ULM, he will undoubtedly lead the team in runs batted in. I wouldn't bet the farm on it, but it is always good for a batter to have a solid opening weekend as far as establishing a role in the lineup. Along with that bit of tid, Brandt points out that the bats and base running were generally pretty good throughout the weekend.