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Rebel Roundup - 2/2/10

Road Warriors: Arkansas 80, Ole Miss 73 | Arkansas Expats
Hell yeah I'm a day late on this.  I don't care.  I was tired or something yesterday.  Here are our blogmigos at Arkansas Expats and their take on Sunday night's game.

ARKANSAS 80, OLE MISS 73: Hogs snap 15-game SEC road skid | Arkansas News
More Hog-centric reporting of Sunday night's upset loss to the Razorbacks.  How delightfully Ole Miss; a team needs to snap a 15-game in-conference road loss streak so against whom else do they accompish this but our Rebels!

Ole Miss, Mississippi State land new commitments |
As signing day nears, Dan Mullen's first full class as well as Houston Nutt's second full class are starting to come together.  And, despite the Rebel defeat in the Egg Bowl, Ole Miss is looking to once again be bringing in a stronger overall recruiting class.  State fans everywhere think this is bullshit because "omg we won the Egg Bowl gawt dammit," completely missing the fact that not everyone gives as much of a shit about our Magnolia State rivalry as they do.

Gator Womens Hoops Gets Big Road Win | AM 850
As soon as I write the "oh why aren't our Lady Rebels ranked" piece, they drop two in a row.  I take full responsibility for this.  My sincerest apologies, everyone.

UK's Inside Bangers Worry UM | Brandt
We saw just how ineffective we can be up front with a slumping Terrance Henry and injured Reginald Buckner against a relatively weak Arkansas team.  Now, take those problems and magnify them by a few dozen.  Kentucky has one of the nation's best inside presences and will certainly take advantage of our Rebels.  /pessimism'd

Preview and such to be up later.  We'll also have some snark if you're lucky.