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Rebel Roundup - 12/19/10 - Afternoon Edition!

Hell Yeah I'm Late
I didn't go to work today. I woke up at nine, watched a few episodes of Always Sunny, played Modern Warfare Two, and threw some chili in my crock pot. Then I came a 'Cuppin. Get off my back, y'all.

Get your Asses to Swayze
Hey look! A sporting event at which your friends won't look at you funny for attending (goofies in the basketball student section, I'm lookin' at you here)! Red Tent Rebellion will be out there, Ivory Tower leading the way. Just look for the sign, goofy lookin' guy, and cooler of swill beer.

Pomeranz, a Rebel WiTh A cAuSe!1 |
When are people going to stop thinking that's clever? Silly headline aside, this is an excellent look at Drew Pomeranz's dominance on the mound and impact on the successes of our baseball team.

Ogilvy, Vanderbilt continue Ole Miss' late-season fade | The Clarion-Ledger
Ol' negative slant Brandt is at it again! Talking about Ole Miss not scoring as many points as another team and losing a few games in a row and a possible bow out of tournament contention is NOT what we want out of MISSISSIPPI's newspaper! /commentthread'd

Quick Thoughts on Vanderbilt/Ole Miss | Anchor Of Gold
From SBNation's new-ish Vanderbilt Commodores blog comes a pretty solid look at what Vanderbilt did last night to, as they put it, "win ugly."

Our mascot. Our vote. | The Daily Mississippian
As a former member of the Daily Mississippian's Editorial Board, I find this piece both bold and informative which is certainly a hallmark of great journalism. While the piece's detractors are vocal about the work's perceived lack of integrity, it is a call to realism with regards to the upcoming student-vote on whether or not a new mascot will be a part of the Rebel gameday experience. It demands honesty on behalf of the ASB, administration, and (especially) the Colonel Reb foundation.