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Rebel Roundup - 2/18/10

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Vanderbilt Men Won't Feel Sorry for Ole Miss | The Tennesseean
If anybody's gonna feel sorry for anybody it'll be our players and fans for the Commodores after tonight AMIRITE? They'll be callin' for the amberlamps for sure.

Regional projections: The preseason edition |
The Rebels are projected to be a number two seed in Florida State's Talahassee regional. Also projected to be in that regional, Florida Gulf Coast (?) and Bethune-Cookman. SEC teams projected to host are LSU, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Florida. Vanderbilt, Georgia, and Alabama are also projected to participate in postseason play, leaving Kentucky, Tennessee, State, and Auburn at home.

Thursday's bubble watch: Mississippi, Florida look to gain ground |
USA Today says:

Ole Miss needs this one to keep their spot in the field secure, but that's no easy task against the sharp-shooting Commodores. The Rebels need some more 'oomph' on the resume and they can get it with a win over Vandy.

Catching up with Ole Miss' Dexter McCluster | The Cowboys Blog
Oh please please please let Dex end up in Dallas. This Cowboys fan in particular would enjoy that. No, I cannot be certain Wade Phillips or Jason Garrett will use him properly or effectively, but it'd just be badass to see Da Lil' Bastid in The Big D.

Vandy Signee Murdered | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
On a much more somber, sobering note, Rajaan Bennett, a standout highschool halfback and future Vanderbilt Commodore, was murdered in his home last night. He was the AJC's 5A Metro Atlanta player of the year and, according to his high school coach, "just one of the best [young men] ever." This story, like any tragedy, is frustratingly senseless. Please keep Rajaan Bennett's teammates, coaches, friends, and family with your thoughts throughout the day.