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Rebel Roundup - 2/17/10 - Brief Ash Wednesday News and Notes

Ole Miss Needs More from White | The Dispatch
Here's a suggestion: how about we get Terrico White to run the point? I'm totally serious here. I think he'd open up more scoring opportunities than Chris Warren can right now, and for me, a big time Chris Warren guy, to say that takes a lot.

Buckner to Return vs. Vandy | Brandt
This is a big deal. Some would posit that, without our best post defender over the last few games, we were bound to lose. This gives us a legitimate, if not favorable chance, against the ranked Vanderbilt Commodores on Thursday. That game is more-or-less a must win if we're looking to make the tourney.

Experience on the Diamond | The DM
According to Jason Smith, Mike Bianco is looking for experience to minimalize mistakes and win games for us this year, while youth is where we look to generate significant offense. I'm betting we'll host a Super Regional and miss out on Omaha by a few measely runs, again.