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Rebel Roundup - 2/16/10 - Fat Tuesday

I was supposed to be there. Apologies to all of my N'Awlins peeps. If you must blame anybody, blame the demon snow.
I was supposed to be there. Apologies to all of my N'Awlins peeps. If you must blame anybody, blame the demon snow.

Eat, drink, eat, drink, sing, dance, eat, drink, pass out, drink while passed out, wake up, eat, pretend you're a jazz trombonist and march around your room. Yeah, now you've got it. Happy Mardi Gras, y'all.

ALL-TIME SEC: Rating the Quarterbacks |
Archie Manning is numero uno. Take that Steve Spurrier, Kenny Stabler, Tim Tebow, Pat Dye, Peyton Manning (ur dad is better than u ha lawl), Eli Manning (u 2 ha), Casey Dick, Kevin Fant, Danny Weurffel, and Travaris Jackson!

Atlhetic Administration Weighs in on Tourney Expansion | The DM
Much to the chagrin of anybody who gives a damn about the integrity of college basketball and its near-perfect tournament system, the NCAA is seriously considering expanding the field of teams during march. To the surprise of nobody, considering the current state of his team, Andy Kennedy is alright with this--sorta. He is not in favor of an expansion to 96 teams, but he is rather in favor in an increase of play-in games. Eniel Polynice, on the other hand, had this to say:

I think it’s fine how it is...I think the best teams are going to make it, and I think teams that don’t will just have to work harder to get in.

If we miss the tournament again, it won't be due to a lack of effort on Eniel's part. That's for damn sure. (HT: RolePlayer)

A Look at Zach Miller |
Parrish Alford's blog takes a look at a Rebel baseballer who seems to have been in Oxford forever.  Zach Miller, last year's third baseman, who will start at second base to begin the season, is a very rare fifth-year senior. It's a good read to prime you for the upcoming season.

State Fans are Still Stupid Dipshits | Kyle Veazey
Seriously, just read the comments of the linked blog post. Here's what you'll see (amongst a lot of other nonsense): Kentucky's Demarcus Cousins gets a bunch of texts and calls from State basketball fans, says a few were "racial" in nature, and State fans, to cover up their own asses, demand the Clarion-Ledger's Kyle Veazy give proof that the texts came from State fans while making baseless accusations that said messages actually came from Ole Miss fans aiming to tarnish the reputation of Mississippi State. If the illogical hypocrisy of that statement doesn't either frustrate you or make you truly reconsider the vaibility of continuing human society as we know it, then you obviously weren't paying attention.