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Rebel Roundup - 1/15/10 - We ain't dead yet

Mississippi State defeats Ole Miss 71-63 | Associated Press Wire
Well, since we didn't recap it here, take a look at what the AP says. We're going to the NIT! Horray!

Mississippi State women trounce Ole Miss |
Our womens basketball squad also suffered the humiliation that is a loss to the Maroons of Starkville. Sunday at the Hump, our Lady Rebels scored 54 points which, against State's 73, wasn't enough for a victory. A win would have put this team at third in the SEC. The loss, however, has them sitting at sixth.

Ole Miss golfer Randolph wins Gator Invitational | The Clarion-Ledger
Jonathan Randolph, a junior on the Ole Miss golf team, won his second tournament title of the year yesterday, shooting a 67 in the final-round of the Gator Invitational to win the tournament by one stroke over LSU's Andrew Loupe(xxz). Yes, Randolph did attend Jackson Prep. Congrats, Jonathan.

Colonel Reb still enlists support, controversy as Ole Miss vote nears | The Commercial Appeal
There's more to this, but a certain part of this article stuck out at me. You may want to sit down for this. Hannah Loy, the person in charge of the Keep Ole Miss Mired in Unnecessary Racial Controversy Colonel Reb Foundation, believes that their dissapointingly large Facebook group has been hacked or manipulated by the Ole Miss administration.

Meanwhile, with the vote looming, Loy said she was unable to send messages to her organization's Facebook group and she's suspicious as to why. "The administration has used manipulations and deceptions in the past regarding this issue," she said. "We wouldn't be surprised if they used their power to contact Facebook directly on this matter. I wouldn't put it past them."

This person obviously hasn't been going to Ole Miss for very long and, if she has been, she's not very observant. Only one argument is ever necessary to dispel any sort of "Ole Miss administrators have used technology to advance their devious plans" theories: daytime fireworks.