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Basketball Power Poll


I've decided to start posting my power poll ballot as well as the actual Hoops Power Poll.

You can find the completed power poll here.

My ballot follows after the jump.

One thing to note: the voting occured before Vanderbilt dismantled Tennessee last night.

1. Kentucky - Kentucky is the only constant in every poll. I guess that's what happens when you're 22-1.

2. Tennessee - Tennessee picked up two important wins last week. They weren't necessarily over good teams, but South Carolina should frighten everyone at this point.

3.Vanderbilt - Just when Vandy was solidifying themselves for the #2 spot, they lost by 14 to UGA.

4. Florida - Billy Donovan's club has a really difficult schedule ahead of them, playing South Carolina, Xavier, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky. If they can win half of those games, the tournament appears very likely.

5. Ole Miss - I'm going to sound like a homer, but I don't care. If Ole Miss continues to attack the basket instead of playing timid basketball, they can win most of the games they have remaining.

6. Arkansas - I know they lead the race for the SEC West, but I just can't put stock in a team that's 12-11. They do have a very easy remaining schedule though.

7.Mississippi State - While I'm probably putting too much weight in losses to Vanderbilt and Florida, Mississippi State really hurt themselves this week.

8. South Carolina - The giant killers were absolutely devastated by Tennessee. In this case, Goliath won.

9. Alabama - It's a good thing Alabama fans don't care about basketball. There probably wouldn't be enough police officers for suicide watch if the football team had been this unlucky.

10. Auburn - All we asked you to do was beat Arkansas. Thanks for nothing, Auburn. Go play in your brand new, empty gym.

11. Georgia - It's getting easier and easier to pick UGA over LSU. Unfortunately for Georgia fans, that's their only saving grace.

12. LSU - At this point, I think everyone is pulling for LSU to go winless in the SEC. A loss to them would be RPI suicide.